Put Yourself Out There


From the Las Vegas company of Rock of Ages to touring with Rod Stewart–Becca Kötte shares her career story of taking risks, reaching out, and finding what “making it” really means.

Episode Summary: 

  • 1:07 Who is Becca Kötte
  • 2:10 How did she get to this point in her career? 
  • 6:14 What’s her typical day like touring with Rod Stewart? 
  • 15:10 Is her lifestyle what she expected? Is it fulfilling? 
  • 19:13 How does her lifestyle differ from how she grew up? 
  • 25:04 Did she have a backup plan?  A survival job?
  • 25:52 What big risks did she take?
  • 26:47 What path did she take to performing on Broadway?
  • 28:21 How does she manage getting out of a “funk” and dealing with rejection?
  • 33:40 How does she own it in the audition room after a let down?
  • 35:52 How is her career as a performing artist misunderstood?
  • 37:54 What are the biggest rewards she’s gained from her career choice?
  • 38:30 How did she first become self-sufficient? 
  • 41:53 Has she “made it?” What is “making it?”
  • 43:26 In what ways does Rod Stewart inspire her?
  • 45:24 See it to be it.
  • 49:19 What advice does she give to young artists?
  • 51:35 How did a job singing on a cruise ship lead to her being cast in Rock of Ages? 
  • 53:13 How does she help herself stand out in the crowd?
  • 57:56 Recommendations from Becca

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Key Quotes: 

  • “There was something in my gut telling me to move on”
  • “The better auditions you go in for, the harder it is” 
  • “Surround yourself with as much positivity as possible…be around people that encourage and pick you up” 
  • “Whatever I’m doing to make money–whether I’m on the road or not–I’m going to do it in a creative way” 
  • “You can be successful and not be famous” 
  • “You have highs and lows…but at the end of the day–someone is paying me to do what I’ve been doing my whole life”
  • “There’s tons of highs and lows, and I would not take any of it back” 
  • “If you’re a creative, and you have that kind of brain, we all have that craziness within us”
  • “Oh, this thing that I’m doing for fun–for free– I can do this for money?!”
  • “They’re doing it–so why not me?”
  • “Put yourself out there–in the beginning, say yes to everything”
  • “You absolutely never know who is going to be responsible for your next job”
  • “10% of it is your ability and 90% of it is how you are to work with”
  • “Impress people as much as you can and don’t be a jerk” 
  • “Nobody’s out there advocating for you more than you are for yourself”
  • “To make people feel things, telling these stories, this is what it’s all about”

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