Know Your Growth Potential

Daytime Emmy-Nominated puppet-builder with the Jim Henson Co., David Valentine shares the journey of his artistic path and spotlights the importance of knowing what you’re worth.

What’s inside: 

  • 1:55 Who is David Valentine?
  • 2:26 How did he end up in New York?
  • 3:10 How did he get into puppetry?
  • 3:45 What are the best cities for puppetry?
  • 6:20 How does the public perceive his job?
  • 7:37 What is a day-in-his-life like? 
  • 8:08 What is his role with Sesame Street puppets? 
  • 12:14 What different types of media use his puppets?
  • 13:14 How does freelancing work in puppetry?
  • 15:31 How is his job different and similar to a “regular” 9-5 office job?
  • 17:38 How does he price his work and time?
  • 22:57 What was his path?
  • 25:33 Did he always know he wanted to be a puppet builder?
  • 28:24 Is he fulfilled?
  • 29:23 Did he have to give up anything to be here?
  • 31:23 What’s the coolest thing he’s made?
  • 33:20 How did he become Daytime Emmy Award-Nominated?
  • 35:22 Do his parents understand what he does?
  • 36:06 What is it like to be involved with the Obie-award winning Company Vampire Cowboys Theatre? How did he get involved with them?
  • 44:05 What’s the story of Revenge Song at the Geffen Playhouse? 
  • 48:09 Has David made it?
  • 52:57 Who inspired him? See it to be it.
  • 55:02 What artistic endeavors does he recommend?

Mentioned in this Episode:

Key Quotes:

  • “You want to surround yourself with those kinds of lifelong professionals who share [their] knowledge.”
  • “The degree to which people can’t understand that it’s actually a job is fascinating.”
  • On ‘exposure is payment’: “the more exposure it is, the more I actually charge.” 
  • “You are more valuable than you think, and you’re more valuable than they are probably willing to pay. The second you start saying ‘yes’ to something that’s maybe not enough money, you’re going to continue to say yes.”
  • “The second you decide to charge what you actually deserve is the second that you will be paid that.” 
  • “If you had told my teenage self that I was one day going to be a Daytime Emmy Award-Nominated puppet builder, I’d say ‘excuse me? What? What does that mean?’” 
  • “It was taking what Cirque du Soleil does..and putting it in a bathroom-sized room.”
  • “The people who you meet in college–that you have such a deep connection with–can potentially be the people who you work with for the rest of your life.” 
  • “Not everyone should be shaped the way we think they should be.”
  • “We can do the things that movies do, but on stage.” 
  • “It’s good to know where to start, and it’s good to know what kind of growth potential there is in the places you are working.” 

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