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Tim Murray, an LA-based actor and comedian, tells of his journey from disappointment to forgiveness–starting over, creating opportunities, and never stopping the hustle. 

What’s inside: 

  • 2:35 : Where are you calling from?
  • 3:00 : You’re doing Voldemort the Musical in London, is that your show?
  • 3:48 : Did you take the opportunity of being in London to also do some stand-up?
  • 4:45 : Were the audiences in London different from the ones in the U.S?
  • 6:50 : How was the transition back-and-forth from the scripted Voldemort musical to stand-up?
  • 8:45 : How long have you been back in LA since that gig? Was that the last thing you’ve done?
  • 10:00 : What’s your stand-up show called?
  • 12:10 : What’s a typical day in your life now? Is your show over?
  • 13:50 : What’s next after this tour? 
  • 14:10 : Does social media play a big part in advertising your show?
  • 15:06 : What’s the biggest difference between how you grew up and your lifestyle now?
  • 16:15 : Do your parents understand your industry?
  • 16:50 : Did you ever have a backup plan, and what would that be?
  • 18:35 : Do you get to explore different passions through creative endeavors?
  • 19:25 : Do you have a certain feeling towards back-up plans or survival jobs in general?
  • 21:40 : What are your thoughts on owning your ‘side hustle’ or ‘back-up plan’?
  • 25:27 : What’s the biggest risk you’ve had to take to get where you are now?
  • 26:35 : How did you prepare for the risk of moving to LA (if you were prepared at all)?
  • 28:25: Did you eventually graduate college?
  • 30:30 : What have you done that your younger self would be surprised by?
  • 36:40 : Where are you between ‘starving artist’ and ‘celebrity’? Have you “made it?”
  • 38:10 : If you got another big gig, what would you do differently to keep yourself from falling into a depressed state afterwards?
  • 40:50 : What role does getting lucky and being at the right place at the right time play for you?
  • 42:37 : Who have you seen that you knew you could be, if anyone? See it to be it. 
  • 46:53 : Is there an artistic endeavor you would recommend to listeners?
  • 48:25: Do you have any advice for young hopefuls in this career?
  • 49:44 : How are listeners able to connect with you?
  • 50:03 : What’s the update on your career since losing your job during the global crisis?

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Key Quotes:

  • “With stand-up, it’s so transparent. There is no ‘fourth wall’.”
  • “What we learn as theatre students is in some ways so beneficial to doing stand-up, but in other ways is truly so opposite.”
  • “[Stand-up] is similar to when you’re doing a soliloquy in Shakespeare and you’re really looking someone in the eyes.”
  • “It’s overwhelming to see how many people from your life want to support you–it’s really nice.”
  • “That’s the key to making this whole thing happen: creating a buzz around yourself.”
  • “I wasn’t even the 3rd most talented person at my high school.” 
  • “You have to approach this without looking back–just go full-force, head-first”
  • “I think I’m most successful when I don’t think about it. When I just try to keep going forward and any ‘back-up plans’ I have are momentary.” 
  • “You are a freelance artist…there are going to be highs and lows–but you can find ways to enjoy the job you’re doing.”
  • “It’s about finding that thing that challenges you and makes you feel good.”
  • “Our brains make us think ‘yeah, this is great–but I was supposed to be on Broadway.’…but there is no ‘supposed to.’”
  • “There is no real reason to reflect on whether or not you’ve made it, because no matter what happens you always have to keep hustling, you always have to keep going.”
  • “I’m not even sure that I like acting that much!” 
  • “When I was at the regional theatre doing the show, I wasn’t as happy as when I got the call–and then I thought ‘okay, how do I navigate this? What does this mean?” 
  • “You have to create as many opportunities for yourself as possible.”
  • “You can’t control being in the right place at the right time–so concentrate on what you can control.” 
  • “There are so many opportunities now to create.” 
  • “Keep believing in yourself and keep creating opportunities.” 
  • “Keep putting as much out into the world as you can.” 
  • “Keep pushing yourself and moving forward–and ignore that voice in your head that says that you can’t.”
  • “If something’s making you feel excited, then it’s right. If something’s not, then maybe you have to pivot.” 

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