Love to Learn

The LA-based Unscripted TV and Associate Story Producer Grace Douglas shares her journey to feeling confident and creatively fulfilled in her work. 

What’s inside:

  •  1:50 : What are some of Grace’s previous projects?

  • 2:10: Where are you calling from/What are you working on right now?
  • 2:37 : What does a typical day look like for you look?
  • 7:07 : What is it that you like about working in unscripted TV?

Unscripted TV 

  • 8:44 : Do you have a day-to-day routine?
  • 14:45: How did “You are enough” resonate with you?

Sanford Meisner Acting Technique

  • 18:55 : What was your lifestyle growing up like compared to your lifestyle now?
  • 21:24 : Did you ever have a back-up plan?
  • 23:35 : Are you a big risk-taker?

Disney+ Free Solo

  • 25:04 : Do you think going into the courthouse and approaching the judge was risky?

Trial transcipt

  • 29:32 : Was the biggest risk you’ve taken moving out to LA?
  • 36:40 : What are some rewards from your career that your younger self would be blown-away by?
  • 39:49: How do you manage your financial life?
  • 44:41 : Do you think you’re paid well, as an Associate Producer?
  • 44:53 : Do you set your own rate?
  • 45:47 : Have you “made it”?
  • 49:55 : Who have you been inspired by? See it to be it. 

Allison Janney

Brené Brown

Elizabeth Gilbert: Curiosity and the Passion Fallacy on the Good Life Project Podcast

Elizabeth Gilbert defining Hobby, Job, Career, Vocation

OWN Super Soul Sundays: Elizabeth Gilbert

Brené Brown on Tim Ferris’ Podcast

  • 57:01 : What is your recommendation for things people should see?

Ahmanson Theatre

John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons

Mike Birbiglia: The New One

Indecent by Paula Vogel

Paula Vogel

Jerry Jay Cranford

Rebecca Taichman

Paula Vogel’s Program Notes

“Theatre is how we remember. Lastly a few words on what I believe, I believe the purpose of theatre is to wound our memories so we can remember. We form memories as enfants. We can remember when we acquire language to retrieve that memory. I hope that the acquisition of Yiddish in the rain scene helps us remember the culture and lives that existed before 1940. Theatre is living memory. It is said that in the last moments of our existence, our lives flash before our eyes. I am a lucky woman, the theatre has been my life. And so, I hope one of the last images I see will be the moments of these actors, this troupe, this journey. Thank you for joining us.” – Paula Vogel 

  • 1:01:19: How can listeners connect with you?

Connect with Grace

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Key Quotes:

  • “That’s my favorite thing about my job–no two days are the same.”
  • “My parents–to this day–have no idea what my job is.” 
  • “Humans are so boring!” 
  • “How do you tell the best possible story?”
  • “I love what I do because I love to learn…I kind of become a mini-expert every few months on something new.” 
  • “I use my [Fine Arts] degree every single day.” 
  • “Community is very important and you create your own community.”
  • “I moved out to LA ready to live in a box and be unemployed–and I found jobs, I found ways to make money.”
  • “[If you’re young and you want to move,] if you don’t go now, you never will! Now is the time to go. Every day that passes, it becomes harder to leave.” 
  • “The most thrilling things [about my career] are: how much I get to learn, how much I still love learning, and the community that I’ve created here.” 
  • “Don’t be afraid to pursue what you want and what you think would be good.”
  • “I’m so creatively satisfied.”
  • “I loved acting because I love storytelling–and storytelling is what I do every day.”
  • “If you hang your identity on ‘making it,’ what do you do after that?”
  • “It’s very easy to compare your life with the lives of other people and feel very discouraged about where you are.”
  • “It’s easy to compare yourself. And that’s the thief of joy.”
  • “I’m inspired by people who go after things that they want.”
  • “I think people need to have a season subscription to a local theatre.”

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