Say Yes Until You Can’t



Logan Jones shares how he went from being an unpaid apprentice to becoming a full-time theatre artist in the Chicago theatre scene in the span of just five years; spoiler–it has a lot to do with saying yes to every opportunity, and finding mentors who support a path of lifelong learning.

What’s inside: 

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  • 2:08 : Where are you calling from?
  • 2:12 : How long have you been in Chicago?
  • 2:25 : What’s your career like now? 
  • 2:57 : How are you able to juggle multiple jobs in one company?
  • 3:23 : What’s a typical day-in-the-life for you?
  • 4:06 : Is this season of your work daytime work?
  • 4:40 : Is your position freelanced?
  • 5:16 : How did you get your job?
  • 5:35 : When you left K-State what were you hoping to do for your career?
  • 8:05 : What is the mission of About Face Theatre?
  • 8:45 : Where does your time at Windy City Playhouse fit into your story?
  • 9:32 : Was your involvement in immersive theatre by design?
  • 10:54 : What makes Chicago theatre unique?
  • 11:44 : Was it a goal to stay within the Midwest?
  • 12:30 : How was your life growing up in Kansas different from your life now?
  • 12:55 : Were your parents supportive of your career dreams?
  • 13:26 : Did you know you were going to attend a university in your home state?
  • 15:30: How do you work hard without burning out?
  • 16:19 : Did you have a back-up plan?
  • 17:35 : What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken?
  • 17:51 : Did you have a survival job in the beginning?
  • 20:35 : What about a corporate environment was not a good fit for you?
  • 21:19 : What rewards have you gotten from this career that your younger self would find unbelievable?
  • 22:15 : What advice would you give someone wanting the same type of traction you have?
  • 23:11 : How does “the right place at the right time” and luck play into a career in the arts?
  • 24:25 : Do you have any regrets within these 5 years?
  • 24:43 : Do you feel like you’ve “made it”?
  • 25:06 : How long did it take until you were making your living in theatre?
  • 25:26 : Is there a particular type of artist who finds their way to Chicago?
  • 27:15 : Is there anyone who inspired you to be where you are today? See it to be it. 
  • 30:08 : What should people know about About Face Theatre Company?
  • 31:05 : Is there anything you’d like to recommend?
  • 33:35 : What’s the next show for About Face?
  •  33:15 :  How can listeners connect with you?

Key Quotes:

  • “[Chicago theatre] is the kind of market that gives lots of opportunities to young artists.” 
  • “I got here by saying yes to every opportunity early on and learning as I go.”
  • “The best piece of advice I was ever given is: Say yes until you can’t.”
  • “You never know what door is going to open from the experience you think doesn’t align with your career goals, and who knows what the person you’re working with is going to find for you after that. As long as you don’t burn yourself out, saying ‘yes’ to those experiences really can open new doors. ” 
  • “Looking back five years ago, when I was picturing where I’d be in 10-15 years, I’m there right now. So that’s the biggest reward for me.”
  • “You really can’t get anything without asking.”
  • “You’re not really going to get anywhere if you’re doing everything on your own. Especially in the arts community, there is a huge sense of community in wanting to lift up young voices…you really are able to make those connections just by asking.” 
  • “If you do land a job and you do your best work, everyone is going to see that and want to work with you again.”
  • “I think it’s great for everyone across the board to have training in multiple areas–not just because it makes them more marketable and different, but it also gives you the skills to be a better collaborator.”

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