Let Go of the Performer Identity

Lindsay Levine–New York-based casting director, educator, and mom–describes her transition from performer to casting director and her journey through the theatre world–including how she’s found parenting along the way. Mother’s Day episode 2 of 4.

What’s inside: 

Key Quotes:

  • “I went to about 165 auditions before I got Mama Mia.” 
  • “About a year in, I realized I probably wasn’t long for the world of performing…but I tried to take the opportunity of being in a big production to learn who all of those people were.” 
  • “[When you have a kid] your life changes, and no one else’s does.” 
  • “In this business it’s really hard to control your own schedule.”
  • “As a casting director, you’re given a lot of opportunities to teach.” 
  • “I realized I would have the opportunity to be a part of a lot more Broadways shows and work with people I had grown up idolizing in a different way, rather than as a performer.”
  • “I got my Equity card doing children’s theatre.” 
  • “You don’t need to give up on your dream, but it’s okay for your dream to change.”
  • “There could be more conversations about listening to the world and letting your dreams change and become something different.” 
  • “At what point do you listen to the doors that are opening for you?”
  • “It’s okay to let go of the identity of being a performer and you can still be in theatre–or not!”
  • “Being a parent in theatre may not look exactly like how your childhood looked like…but it’s possible.”

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