Plant Seeds

Broadway and TV/Film actor and super-mom Carrie Compere shares her incredible story of risk-taking, working to put food on the table, and finding family balance. Mother’s Day episode 3 of 4.

What’s inside: 

  • Key Quotes:
  • “I’m gone for so long that every time I come back home I have to get re-acclimated!” 
  • “Everything that I do is a dedication to my mom–her memory and her legacy.”
  • “Slowly but surely I got into a rhythm of auditioning–casting directors started knowing who I was, my name was starting to get out there.”
  • “I’m so heavily passionate about what I do–I try not to rely on a ‘plan B’”
  • “My family, we learned to create our own balance.”
  • “All I knew was where I come from, and I didn’t have anyone tangible that I could say ‘oh, they made it!’”
  • “To have the support of people who were close to me and knew me best–honest people, I knew the weight of it.” 
  • “Our words are so important–you have to be careful about what you speak.” 
  • “That one thing that you say can be the seed that is planted that shoots them off to their destiny and purpose.”
  • “If there is anyone thinking about pursuing a career as a performer, I would have to say: These are super difficult times; however, the internet is your friend. Sign up for classes, masterclasses, TV/film communities, online readings looking for actors, learn your monologues, test yourself–go out there and take pictures of yourself. Tap into all of the creativity you can if you feel like it.” 
  • “Be prepared for when things get back together again.” 
  • “Talk to people who encourage and uplift you–who believe in you and will be honest with you.” 
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