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Joshua Henry is a three-time Tony award nominee, musician and TV/Film actor. In the first of the “Fathers in June” episodes, this husband and father shares how his fulfilling career was built from a deep investment in training and intentional focus on personal growth.

What’s inside: 

Key Quotes:

  • “I know it’s a challenging time for the world, but it’s also an amazing time for us to recognize what we have.” 
  • “This is a time to work on patience…patience is my craft right now.”
  • “When I discovered the arts I was more sure about it than any other physical thing on this Earth–I knew this is where I’m supposed to be right now.” 
  • “I think wherever you end up–wherever you are artistically, you think ‘What are the things I can take with me beyond this experience?’”
  • “I didn’t [have a backup plan]. And maybe that’s what helped me.”
  • “What is for you is for you. Everything that happens is for you. Not ‘to’ you. ‘For’ you.” 
  • “When you stop thinking just about the acting, singing, and dancing and start focusing on growth–that will enhance your art.” 
  • “I work really hard on my craft. But I also work equally hard on my mind.” 
  • “Really utilising social media right now is the biggest physical tool you can use–the art that you want to do, make a version of it and put it on Instagram. That’s helping you practice and it’s a free audition” 
  • “This is a season. There is a season to audition, a pilot season, every theatre company has their theatre of shows–it’s just one season. This is an opportunity for you to work on yourself and your craft in a different way.” 
  • “What are the things you haven’t been working on? Focus on those.” 

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