Trust Your Instincts

Producer for Broadway and Bucks County Playhouse, Josh shares how he found his way to producing early in his career. With insights into how he and his casting director husband manage busy careers while also raising their twin daughters, episode 19 celebrates fathers in June and Gay Pride.

In honor of gay pride, please help employ and support black trans people in the U.S. by donating to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute.



  • “If you want something–even if you don’t know if you’re right for it–just go in…you can always learn.”
  • “Fear will hold back everything with you if you’re just scared…you won’t get anywhere.”
  • “I think I’m the only person I know who works on the business side of theatre who’s stayed in the one job I started with.”
  • “Moving to New York, you have to build your community.”
  • “Every show you work on, you build families and pick up new friends along the way.” 
  • “All we can do is navigate between sitting in fear of all this or deciding to be proactive as much as we can and do what we can to be ready when we reopen.” 
  • “Trust your instincts–you like what you like, and you have to trust that.”
  • “I don’t get complacent and I don’t think anyone ever should.” 
  • “If people want to work with you, doors open for you. Be nice to everybody.” 
  • “This industry is truly a community and a family. There is someone who has gone through what you’re going through, there is someone to talk to if you reach out.” 


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