Practice, Practice, Practice

Travis Cloer is a Broadway actor, Las Vegas performer, recording artist, and father of two. He talks about taking risks, leaving it all in the audition room (or on the audition tape) and how to turn times of uncertainty into opportunity. Father’s Day episode.

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    • I put together an audio demo…and for some, strange fate, or luck, or whatever you call it, they actually listened to it. You never know.
    • You’ve got to leave that stuff in the room and not dwell on it, as much as you want it to happen.
    • And I made my Broadway debut in February of 2008 in one of the biggest shows there was at that time, “Jersey Boys.” 
    • I always said I would stop doing the show when I stopped enjoying it, but I never did. 
    • Part of your job in show business is to take that initiative.
    • All my dates for the foreseeable future just vanished like every other performer. 
    • As  artists, you know, sometimes our job is to help people forget about things for a bit.
    • He [Travis’s Dad] said something like, “real money.” I said, “I make this much real money.” He hasn’t brought it up again. 
    • There is nothing that fills me the way being on stage does, I’m just going to keep going as long as I can. 
    • There are three ways you can get better at something. You can practice, you can practice, and you can practice again.  


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