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Nick Francone on Wicked as his lucky start, answering the phone, and reading like a storyteller. Nick is a scenic designer for theatre and an art director for television and film. This husband and dad of twins takes us on a brisk run-through of his career with insights from his 15 years as an assistant designer on Wicked to his more recent work as a production designer for New Years Eve with Carson Daly in 2019 and 2020. Fathers in June final episode.

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  • “To my surprise, I’ve done an awful lot of new, strange work.” 

  • “I worked on Wicked for 14-15 years. It just kept going.” 

  • “I have a lot of goals in life that aren’t just entertainment-business related.”

  • “If I wasn’t in entertainment…I don’t think I would be in something not involved with risk. It’s not in me to do less.” 

  • “People ask ‘how do you decide what to do?’ and I say, ‘I answer the phone…I see who’s calling me and make my decisions on that.’” 

  • “Entertainment is a juggernaut–every single show needs people to contribute to the art.” 

  • “My career is all about work–meeting people, doing the best I can, being the kind of person people can rely on to do top-quality work.” 

  • “I recommend reading…people don’t do it a lot, but I think you should.” 

  • “Most of the jobs I get these days as a designer–I get them because I’m a storyteller. And the way I became a storyteller was by reading a million stories.” 

  • “Find out how something’s made, then watch it…study it, then enjoy it–especially if you’re a designer.”

  • “If you’re doing it and you don’t like it, stop doing it.”


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