Tony and Grammy nominated Broadway performer, Michael McElroy is the founder of Broadway Inspirational Voices, for which he won a 2019 special Tony Award for Excellence in Theatre. He recently founded Black Theatre United to combat systemic racism within theatre institutions and beyond. He believes in following your passion, but putting in the work. Process is part of the journey when you ditch your backup plan. For Michael, this is what has led to a lifetime of growth.

Founded to influence widespread reform and combat systemic racism, BTU harnesses its collective voice to create substantive and long-lasting change within the theatre industry and throughout our country.



  • “Ultimately, diversity in these spaces creates creative possibilities that we can’t even think of.” 
  • “It benefits everybody to have more voices in the room.” 
  • “The more you do it, the more you live, the more personal experience you have, the more you can bring to your craft.”
  • “The road will not always be easy–you need to put in the work.” 
  • “If you give yourself an out, you’ll take that out.” 
  • “You have a unique path that is your own. As long as you work hard, when opportunities present themselves, they are for you and only for you.” 
  • “How you develop and cultivate your artistry is yours.”
  • “If you wanna really do this, you need to plan. Put away an emergency fund. Think of your 401k and the long-term.”
  • “If I’m offered something now and it scares me, I always say ‘yes.’”
  • “Follow your passion and understand that it’s work. Work is not a negative thing–it’s a fantastic thing.”
  • “Process is part of the journey. Failing and risking is part of it.”


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