Playwright Chantal Bilodeau is the founder and artistic director of the Arctic Cycle organization and close friend and collaborator of host, Jen Vellenga.

Chantal dives into her impactful work as a storyteller who uses theatre to encourage communities to take action on local and global climate change. 

Through our initiatives – the Plays, Artists & Climate Change, Climate Change Theatre Action, and the Incubator –we are committed to supporting artists who work at the intersection of arts and climate change, and to telling stories that help all of us move forward with purpose and hope.



  • “In my extended family, I’m one of the few to have actually gone to university, and I’m maybe the only one with a Master’s degree.” 
  • “I was always the only artistic one in my family–no one knew what to do with that. Neither did I.” 
  • “I get to travel a lot because I’m invited by different organizations, conferences.”
  • “I have contributed in bringing awareness of climate change to the arts.” 
  • “If it’s not out there, make it for yourself.”
  • “You have to stop waiting for people to give you what you want, you have to create it yourself.”


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