Bliss’ career is driven by a deep belief that the societal benefit of art is immeasurable. She believes that too often we value the art above the artist, trading their safety and well-being for our own entertainment. She is committed to creating an arts & entertainment industry culture that uplifts artists in their employment relationships.

Bliss is the National Diversity and Inclusion Strategist at Actors’ Equity Association, the labor union representing over fifty thousand stage actors and stage managers. She directs all D&I initiatives and serves as an internal consultant to ensure that all of Equity’s activities are truly inclusive and foster a sense of belonging among those who are systemically marginalized.

Bliss continues her studies as an evening student at Fordham School of Law focusing on labor and employment, discrimination, and entertainment law.



  • It’s [my career is] 1003% different from what I thought it would be when I was choosing a track for undergrad.
  • The series of ‘no’s that I got…were some of the best ‘no’s that I got in my whole life, during the first year of my BA. Not every ‘no’ is a bad thing. 
  • A backup plan is squandered energy. All the energy that you put towards Plan B could be driving you towards Plan A more effectively. Plan A can shift entirely. 
  • Showcase is not the be-all-end-all of your life. I went into the showcase and got 0 response. 
  • Be in the place that makes you feel special. 
  • At every phase of this, I followed my heart towards things that are important. 
  • Theatre is still important to me–how can I support this industry that I think is vital in a different way?
  • My complaint most often is that my brain is bored. What do I do that lights it up on a Saturday afternoon, when I have my free time?


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