Dr. Alisa Hurwitz is Dr. Drama! Have you ever wondered what exactly is going on with Evan Hansen? Why Sweeney Todd so doggedly seeks revenge? Or why Alexander Hamilton writes like he’s running out of time? As a  psychologist who has a lifelong passion for musical theater, Dr. Alisa Hurwitz offers her clinical insight into the characters you know from the shows you love. You will find articles on the mental health aspects of your favorite musicals, discussion of new works and access to mental health resources, as well as interviews with some of your favorites from Broadway. http://www.drdrama.com/

Dr. Hurwitz can currently be seen in private practice at The Counseling Center of Nashua where she has been a clinical psychologist for the past 7 years, specializing in working with individuals on the autism spectrum, providing structural family therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and therapy for LGBT individuals. Favorite roles include audience member (summer stock, regional theater, national tours, and Broadway) and mother to her daughters. Education: BA (Psychology), Brandeis University, PsyD (Clinical Psychology), Long Island University.

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  • “Talking matters. Talking about this stuff [mental health] matters.”
  • “It’s funny that we take so much care of our physical bodies but not our minds and souls.”
  • “‘The Show Must Go on’–that’s not always healthy.” 
  • “You have to be willing to be an Olympic athlete for the stage.” 
  • “Having self-care and being able to say ‘no’ is a part of being able to take care yourself so you can do the work.” 
  • “Lean on adults, lean on people who have been through it before.”
  • “You have to give it away to keep it.”
  • “If you have the passion, know-how and motivation to do the thing–and you’re bringing your voice to it–MAKE THE THING” 
  • “You won’t have care to give away if you don’t refuel it in yourself… Know what refuels you.”
  • “How you are as a human in this world is really, really matters.”


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