Sherita Carthon is a Celebrity Brand Precision Expert who has helped more than 3k celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate their brand. An award winning speaker, Sherita has been featured on VH1 | FOX | ABC | MARKET WATCH | ASK.COM and most recently Live with Les Brown discussing her innovative project: The Celebrity Sales Method.



  • “Strategy is the most important thing when it comes to your brand.” 
  • “It’s better to over-deliver than under-promise.” 
  • “Women are always saying ‘yes’ to everything else but themselves.”
  • “Your brand is the only reference people have on whether they’re actually going to do business with you. So if you don’t have your brand in alignment, and you don’t understand what that means, definitely get in contact with me.”
  • “My idea of ‘making it’ is being around people who can teach me to be better than I currently am.” 
  • “Connect with real people with real results who want you to be really successful.” 
  • “Give like there’s no tomorrow. And live your values.”
  • “We always want to take care of our neighbor but sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves.”


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