Gianmarco Soresi is a stand up comic, actor and writer but the first line of his obituary will probably say “guy from all those General Electric commercials.”



  • “Standup–it’s a different lifestyle. I was not used to going out every night; you’re giving up your nights–especially in the beginning where you’re hustling–you’re giving up your nights forever.”
  • “Once I got into [standup] though, it just felt like the thing I was good at–the thing I felt ‘oh, I could be really excellent at this. I understand it.’”
  • “Often times success is completely random, it’s more about: do you stay in it? Do you keep working? Do you push yourself when money isn’t coming in?”
  • “Part of life in all artforms is understanding where your limits lie.” 
  • “Do I really want to do this everyday in my 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s?”
  • “I like negativity and complaining, in a fun way.” 
  • “To be a good actor there needs to be a period of time where you’re very focused on your craft and you’re not thinking about professional opportunities.”
  • “With social media, it’s gonna be rough in the beginning. It’s gonna be embarrassing.”
  • “How can I take the thing I love and repurpose it for this medium?”
  • “If you wanna be a writer–I don’t think you should be a writer if you’re not a good writer, but figure out how you can help other people–be their actor, their producer. Do other things. Always be–not just moving–but exploring other things and finding what you love.” 
  • “If you like someone’s content, take the next step and support that artist.”


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