Born in California and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Elizabeth went on to receive her BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Miami in Florida before settling in New York City to pursue a career in the performing arts. She has worked Off-Broadway in The Other Josh Cohen, regionally in Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story at Bucks County Playhouse where she also served as the Associate Music Director and in readings of Clue and One Hit Wonder under the direction of Hunter Foster. She also been directed by Hunter in one of the four regional productions where she played Girl in Once.  She has written the book, music, and lyrics for three original musicals: The Royal Troubadour premiered at The American School in Switzerland in 2013, Switched premiered in 2014 and Circus Minimus premiered in 2015. Elizabeth's original songs and arrangements have been performed by herself, her colleagues, and her students, in concerts as well as full productions in the United States and internationally, in Switzerland and Guatemala.



  • “[The audition process] will test you–if this is really what you wanna do, and if it’s not, that’s okay too. But knowing that that’s part of it is important.”
  • “When you’re growing up, there’s all this imposed structure…school, after-school activities…now, if you want to pursue this career–no one is going to make you go to that audition. Nobody’s gonna make you take a class, study more…” 
  • “Every audition is you pitching yourself for a role–and you can do that creatively.” 
  • “There’s so much we can strategize and so much we can maximize, in terms of variables that a lot of people are not taking advantage of.” 
  • “Every interaction I have and every thing that I do is planting a seed. I don’t know what kind of flower is going to grow or when, but as long as I keep planting seeds and watering them, I know they will grow.”
  • “One person’s opinion is one person’s opinion.” 
  • “Think about your expectations of a project before accepting any project.”
  • “It is a good time to tune in to what our needs are and what we want.”


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