Logan is an actor in NYC with a passion for social justice and human equity. Over the past almost ten years, Logan has crafted a pretty nifty little life for herself, filled with some very cool flexible side hustles that enable her to drop everything on a dime and take an audition or a booking.. and she’s like really proud of that. Most notably, she is an ambassador for a fair trade fashion brand, called Noonday Collection. Noonday partners with artisans across the globe to create dignified work in their communities and combat the modern day slavery crisis. Over 70% of the artisans Noonday partners with are women!! Having this job in particular has been a definite bright spot in a dark year.



  • “I try to give myself 3-4 days of thinking about a job before I’m like ‘It’s over–that’s not your job.’”
  • “Be a conscious consumer–it’s really fun and I think it’s empowering.”
  • “I want to tell stories. I want to be part of people’s coping mechanisms or their celebrations of things…I want to impact people with stories. I didn’t feel like I was equipped to do that in musical theatre.”
  • “The more I auditioned for and booked TV and film, the more I realized that was home for me. I feel like myself in that space. I can tell the best possible story in that medium.” 
  • “I wasn’t any of the things that people wanted me to be [in musical theatre], but I wanted to be that.”
  • “As soon as I gave myself permission to walk into a room as me, everything changed.” 
  • “If you’re listening–be you, do you, trust yourself, you’re enough.”
  • “It’s risky to keep showing up to this. It’s hard work and there’s no guarantee…any and all of us who commit to this line of work are taking a risk every single day by not going to that back-up plan.” 


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