Kimberly is a New York City based award-winning singer, actor, performer, and educator who recently originated the role of Maya in the New York City premiere of Sideways (based on the Academy Award Winning film). Top theatre critics have dubbed her a "golden-voiced vocalist," "a luminous life-force with a crystalline soprano voice," and "one of the best voices I've heard in musical theatre."



  • “The set’s still up, our stuff is still in the dressing room–we found out basically overnight that all of theatre was shut down, and we left it all behind.”
  • “Talk to the people around you–wherever you are in New York City, you never know who you’re gonna meet…be kind, be open, be transparent about your dreams and who you are.” 
  • “Every single situation has been a test of motivation, determination, tenacity. And if you don’t have that fire, you’re not gonna make it. You’re not gonna last.”
  • “As an actor, you have to believe in your own personal talents. You have to think you’re good. If you don’t, you’re gonna run into some issues on the way. If you don’t believe in your talent and what you bring to the table, you won’t be able to keep pushing forward.”
  • “I do really believe in my training, in what I bring to productions. I believe in my experience. I believe there is still more to learn.”
  • “I could have left and given up so many times…it’s just that there’s nothing else in this world that I would do. Ever.” 
  • “If I’m not doing what I’m teaching, that’s not enough for me.”
  • “It has to be known that you are going to go through tiny states of depression. You’re going to feel horrible pain and rejection going into this business.”
  • “I feel like I was born to do this–to be up there, singing and acting and telling these stories…when I connect with audience members, it’s the most fulfilling thing on Earth.” 
  • “Life is not stable when you’re an actor in New York. You’re constantly wearing many hats.” 
  • “You can never count on anything as far as this business is concerned–but sometimes that’s the exciting part.” 
  • “Our castability and the way that we work is based a lot on how we look…so we have to be quick to get ourselves back in shape.”
  • “The reward is in the rejection.” 
  • “I don’t think an artist can ‘make it’…an artist never arrives, they should always be creating.”


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